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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. 2020 Census Complete Count Committee
  3. Animal Welfare Board of Review
  4. Architectural Review Board
  5. Attucks Theatre Centennial Commission
  6. Bicycling and Pedestrian Trails Commission
  7. Board of Building Code Appeals
  8. Board of Zoning Appeals
  9. Chesapeake bay Alcohol Safety Action Program
  10. Chrysler Museum Board of Trustees
  11. City Council Agendas
  12. City Investment Management Committee
  13. City Planning Commission Public Hearings
  14. City Planning Commission Regular Meetings
  15. Civic Facilities Commission
  16. Civil Service Commission
  17. Coastal Management and Review Board
  18. Commission for Persons with Disabilities
  19. Commission on Aging/Long-Term Care
  20. Commission on Arts and Humanities
  21. Community Policy and Management Team
  22. Economic Development Authority
  23. Emergency Management Strategic Committee
  24. Employee Retirement System
  25. Environmental Commission
  26. Erosion Advisory Committee
  27. Hampton Roads Disability Board
  28. Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
  29. Hampton Roads Regional Jail Authority
  1. Health Services Advisory Board
  2. Hospital Authority of Norfolk
  3. Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Materials
  4. Mayor’s Climate Change Commission
  5. Mayor’s St. Paul’s Advisory Committee
  6. Mayor's Commission on Lifelong Learning
  7. Medical College of Hampton Roads Board
  8. Military Economic Development Advisory Committee
  9. Norfolk Airport Authority
  10. Norfolk Botanical Garden Society Board
  11. Norfolk Community Services Board
  12. Norfolk Criminal Justice Board
  13. Norfolk Police Fire-Trial Board
  14. Norfolk Recreation Commission
  15. Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
  16. Public Arts Commission
  17. Public Library Board of Norfolk
  18. Public Vehicle Driver Appeals Board of Review
  19. Real Estate Assessments Board of Review
  20. Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia
  21. Social Services Advisory Commission
  22. Southeastern Public Service Authority
  23. STOP Inc.
  24. The Tree Commission
  25. Tidewater Community College Board
  26. Towing Advisory Board
  27. Transportation District Commission of Hampton
  28. Veterans Affairs Commission
  29. Wetlands Board