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Neighborhood Service Areas
Neighborhood Service Areas

As a means to better support neighborhoods, every neighborhood is assigned a staff contact to the Division of Neighborhood Engagement. Neighborhoods fall into one of seven Neighborhood Service Areas.  Staff work to facilitate increased communication between the city and community groups, connect those groups with the appropriate persons within the city and to consult on neighborhood improvement and problem solving strategies.
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 NSA  Name  Title  Phone  Email
 1 Jamie Goldin Sr. Neighborhood Development Specialist
 (757) 823-4289  Email Jamie Goldin
 2 Raven Bland Neighborhood Development Specialist  (757) 823-4226
 Email Raven Bland
  Denise Wilson Sr. Neighborhood Development Specialist
 (747) 664-6782  Email Denise Wilson
 3 Delk Koolman Neighborhood Development Specialist
 (757) 664-4236  Email Delk Koolman
 4 Vacant Contact Jim Herbst
 (757) 823-4210  Email Jim Herbst
 5 Vacant Contact Nikki Southall
 (757) 823-4217  Email Nikki Southall
 6 Ryan "Nikki" Southall Neighborhood Relations Manager  (754) 823-4217  Email Nikki Southall
 7 Jim Herbst Programs Manager
 (757) 823-4210  Email Jim Herbst
  Oneiceia Howard Division Head  (757) 664-6761  Email Oneiceia Howard

In addition to having part of a service area, Denise Wilson is the City's Landlord and Tenant Relations Officer.  She is a Certified Housing Counselor.  For more information on Landlord & Tenant Relations, visit the Rent Ready Norfolk website at